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A couple days ago someone posted a question on a forum about what would be considered the main factor in brewing beer, boiling time or temperature control. Basically the question was, “If you could only choose one or the other, which one would you choose to pay attention to?”


You can’t do anything about it… you just have to wait if you want better beer…


Temperature control is possibly the hardest task in brewing beer, yet the one that affects flavor the most.

Now honestly, I don’t know exactly what triggered this question, but… if you don’t have a fridge you basically have to figure out other ways to control your fermenting temperature. I’ve seen people wrap a wet towel around their buckets, and place a fan next to it to drop the temperature. Others will get a small bath and keep the bucket in the water (maybe add some ice to drop the temp as needed)…

The only reason why one should be anal about temperature is because again, it greatly influences flavor in beer…

But there is also another reason… as I explained in my blog post Beer Fermentation Temperature and Process, temperature also affects yeast behavior…

Here’s an email I got from a reader

>>>> Question >>>>

Hi Jorge,

I am pretty new at brewing so bear with me. I made a recipe from the
extreme brewing book Indian Brown Ale–It is and extract recipe very
easy to follow.

I started with a OG of 1.067 and left it in the primary
fermenter for 11 days (carboy). I checked gravity and it was 1.012
smelled great and a small sample tasted great. It was in the secondary
for 14 days and then bottled.

I made a 3 gallon batch instead of the 5
in the recipe and as such used 60%

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  • Brian Jamieson

    Reply Reply January 28, 2012

    "anti-chemistry" "anti-engineer language"? the words you're looking for are "precise language." as in, a few thousand years of using it w/ success..

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