The Perfect Beer World Roundup

First off I want to thank everyone who participated on this month’s session the perfect beer world…

I must say that this was a great learning experience and a great post to become aware of the problems beer drinkers face in different parts of the world… For many it should help appreciate what you have at home… For others it will bring awareness that there are good places for beer drinkers somewhere on this planet…

Starting out with Glen Who writes… He gave us a full six pack of perfect beer world ideas… Two stood out:

Stop being snobbish About people buying crap beer… 

Funny that many of my friends know I hate crap beer more than Paris Hilton’s fans hate abstinence… And they apologize whenever they buy crap beer in my presence… (not needed or expected)

I actually don’t judge them since I feel everyone should be able to do as they wish as long as they don’t hurt others… So they can drink all the crap beer they want…

The fallacy of the equation “more hops = better beer”

I became extremely interested in brewing after trying a few IPAs and learning about hops… Hoppy beers were all the rage in my book for a while until I learned that hops were one of the most estrogenic plants on earth… And while that won’t stop me from drinking hoppy beers, it has motivated me to look into aged hops and real ales or gruit ales…

Cheers Glen!

Next up we have Jon who writes at

He wishes for a better post-prohibition era with better laws and the three tier system of distribution stood out….

I became aware of this through the documentary Beer Wars… And while we have a long ways to go, I can see micro-breweries winning the war… Canned craft

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