When it comes to bittering beer, Admiral hops rank high on the bittering potential charts. These hops are originally from the U.K.

Since the number of options as far as bittering hops available in the UK wasn’t great, Wye college took on the mission to breed these hops as a replacement for Target Hops and then released in 1998. They were bred from Challenger hops and Northdown hops.

There is not much aroma a brewer can get out of these hops, but the high alpha acid variety will give you a pleasing bitterness. It is less harsh compared to other high alpha acid hops.

Here are some characteristics about these hops…

Admiral Hops Alpha Acid %

11.5 – 16%

Admiral Hops Beta Acid %

5 – 6%

Admiral Hops Oil Content

1 – 1.7%

Admiral Hops Cohumulone %

42 – 44%

These hops are used for Ale beer styles and some possible substitutes are again U.K. Target hops, and U.K. Northdown hops. Most beer styles I know of that use these hops are English style Ales.

Target hops are supposed to have a harsher bittering, but some will still use them if they can’t find any Admiral hops with their local home brew supply store.

Other brewers I’ve talked to say that they didn’t get much bitterness when they used these hops. What’s your experience with them?

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