Dry Hopping Temperature

One of the best ways to get good hop aroma in your beer is to dry hop the beer... you can simply stuff a hop bag and throw it into
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Brewing Consistency

Whenever I ask my grandma how she makes her chicken soup, she replies "easy, just add water and boil"... haha, thanks. Trying to get a recipe out of her is nearly

How to Brew a Pumpkin Porter

Pumpkin Porter Recipe: 8 lbs Maris Otter 0.75 lbs Brown malt (thomas fawcett) 0.25 lbs Pale Chocolate (200 °L) 0.5 lbs chocolate malt (350 °L) 0.15 Victory malt 0.15 Black Patent malt 1 sugar pie pumpkin 1/2 butternut
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It's Pumpkin Beer Season!

It's PUMPKIN Beer Season! (in most places)... I don't know about you, but I already have a pumpkin porter going strong... I'll be posting the video in a few days so stay

Belgian Saison Home Brew Review

Before refrigerators came around, people found ways to keep food and beer... the method was fermentation... Alcohol keeps bugs and bad bacteria away from food. When it comes to food and
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Brew Beer and Drink It Reborn!

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When Formulas Don't Brew Good Beer

Belgian brewers don't like the "S" word... style... they like the idea of creating something out of nothing... Most brewers I talk to are like the alchemists from the middle ages,
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I Quit Drinking Beer!

The right amount of minerals in your brewing water will help your yeast ferment beer... ... but more is not always better... Too much and you can ruin your fermentation before it