Brace yourself for one of the most pleasant bittering hop variety that Brewer’s Gold hops are proving to be. These are not to be confused by the German Brewer’s Gold variety which does have some aroma while the US variety does not.

The hop was developed by Professor Salmon in 1934 and was popularized by Ballantine’s brewers with their Ballantine XXX ale (one of America’s best selling ale in the 1950’s). This variety started with some native UK hops, but the US variety has evolved into a bittering hop and not so much an aroma hop.

Here’s what you need to know about these hops:

Brewers Gold US Hops Alpha Acid %

7 – 10 %

Brewers Gold US Hops Beta Acid %

3..5 – 4.5 %

Brewers Gold US Hops Oil Content

2 – 2.4 %

Brewers Gold US Hops Cohumulone

40 – 48 %

Some beer styles that would turn out great using these hops would be mostly American ales or as Ballantine used it for a Golden ale. Unlike the German variety which could have a couple possible substitutes, Bullion hops are possibly the only good substitute for the US variety of Brewers Gold.

The mid-range alpha acid percentage makes this a good hop choice to bitter beer ‘just right’ and without altering the aroma of the beer.

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