I used to like India Pale Ales so much I used to decide if a brewery was any good based on their IPA, though that’s no longer the case.

Ever since I learned that hops were highly estrogenic, I started exploring more beer styles that were less hop focused to brew (and drink), and one that just kept coming up is the California Common Beer or Steam Beer.

I just brewed one of my favorite recipes:

Traditionally this beer is brewed using Northern Brewer hops which have a bit of a woody somewhat minty flavor and aroma… it’s the choice if you want to clone Anchor Steam Brewing’s beer…

For me I wanted a twist to this beer and came up with the following recipe:

9 lbs 2-Row pale malt
1/2 lb Crystal 60 °L
1/4 lb Victory malt
1/4 lb Carapils

1 oz Northern Brewer Hops (60 min)
1 oz Simcoe Hops (0 min)

WLP 810 San Fransisco Lager Yeast

Single Infusion mash at 154 °F
Ferment starting at 55 °F and finish at 58 °F

The twist? Simcoe Hops.

If you haven’t brewed with Simcoe hops I highly recommend them… they have a very unique pine-like aroma that is perfect for just about any beer style resembling the Pacific Northwest – great place to visit and drink beer with a 90% chance of rain everyday…


Anyways… what I’ve found with this mix is that the yeast character shows up very nicely and it gives the beer a magical twist similar to Magic Hat #9…

Not that the beer tastes anything like Magic Hat, but it gets flavors you don’t really know where they come from, and they are amazingly good…

I’m brewing this beer for my sister’s wedding so I’m not quite positive I’ll get a chance to do a video beer review, but I will update regardless…

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    • Sid

      Haha on the (as I call it) full tank sparge I also do this cuz I’m lazy just one less step. Jorge I have a question I don’t know what to do I have some procedures that would (I think ) revolutionize the brewing industry and energy crises. I brew with exatly half the energy used normaly. Energy is a big cost factor next to ingredients and environment . I’m afraid I would not get credit for or compincated I think if it works for me it would work on large scale as well.

      • jorgitoz

        Full tank sparge = lazy sparge, yes!!

        Not sure about procedures, but you could look into licensing your method??

    • Sandgroper Brewery

      Full tank sparging I do it all the time now I get a much higher Brewhouse efficiency about 5% more

      Change the recipe a little for 7.7G

      13.22 lb 2-Row pale Malt
      1.322 lb Crystal 60 Malt
      1.102 lb Wheat Malt
      .661 lb Victory Malt
      .220 lb Carapils Malt

      .881 oz Northern Brewer 50min’s
      .881 0z Northern Brewer 22min’s
      .881 oz Northern Brewer 15min’s
      .705 oz Simcoe 0 min’s

      .035 oz Whirfloc Tablet 15 min’s
      .035 oz Yeast Nutrient
      Wyeast 2112 – California Lager

      OG 1.055
      FG 1.014
      ABV 5.4%
      IBU 40.4
      SRM 10
      Balance Vale 1.61
      BU:GU 0.73
      Water HP 4.5
      Mash 60 min’s
      Boil 90 min’s

      Single Infusion mash at 154 °F
      Ferment starting 2 weeks at 54 °F
      Lagering 4 weeks @ .37 °F

      • jorgitoz

        Awesome! Thanks for sharing

    • Aaron

      Looks like it should be a nice drinking beer.

      One quibble, it’s “Will-am-it” not “Will-a-met” (from somebody that grew up in that particular valley0, a lot of the PacNW native american based names for places throw people who aren’t from there.

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