How to Brew a Pumpkin Porter

Pumpkin Porter Recipe: 8 lbs Maris Otter 0.75 lbs Brown malt (thomas fawcett) 0.25 lbs Pale Chocolate (200 °L) 0.5 lbs chocolate malt (350 °L) 0.15 Victory malt 0.15 Black Patent malt 1 sugar pie pumpkin 1/2 butternut

How to Brew a Dunkelweizen

I don't know if you've ever heard a brewer say "burn the BJCP guidelines"... The way I see it, the guidelines are like sheet music... you use them to learn the
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How to Brew a Maibock (Hellesbock)

I was watching a video on YouTube and someone made a comment about something that I think is very common when it comes to brewing software... They don't always calculate things
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How to Brew a Brown Porter

There are some beers you just can't get at home... at least not the true to style beers... Brown Porters is one of those beers... Like most exports, brown porters tend to
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How to Brew a Bacon Beer

Well it's here! my Vanilla Bacon Cream ale... a creation that spawned while I was munching down a fried bacon sundae at Native New Yorker and my friend said "You
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How to Brew a Belgian Blonde

A smooth beer that starts out with a slight Pils malt sweetness but finishes dry with a smooth alcohol aftertaste... and I mean smooth... The beer should have noble-hop-like spicy notes
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How To Brew An IPA

(Ditch the Airlock!) Every submariner goes through firefighter training... and because fires are possibly our biggest threats when out to sea, we had fire drills pretty much every week... so when