One of England’s most promising hop varieties for it’s aromatic properties is the First Gold UK hop variety. This is a very similar hop compared with Kent Golding, which has a spicy like aroma. Although alpha acid levels are in the mid-range, these hops are perfect to be thrown into the brew pot towards the end of the boil or at flame-out to get that nice aroma to stick out…

This is a good aroma hop which can be bought in bulk and keep in storage as it will keep most of it’s alpha acids if stored properly.

If you are looking to get some rhizomes and grow a whole plant for yourself, know that this hop is susceptible to downy mildew…

First Gold UK Hops Alpha Acid%

6.5 – 9.5%

First Gold UK Hops Beta Acid%

3 – 4.2%

First Gold UK Hops Oil Content

0.7 – 1.5%

First Gold UK Cohumulone %

31 – 36%

It’s spicy aroma makes this hop variety a perfect ingredient in any ESB or English ale recipe. It could also go well in other ales that don’t look for citrusy characteristics. Some possible substitutions could be UK Kent Golding hops and maybe Crystal hops. Crystal hops are a bit more pungent, but still have similar spicy aromatic qualities which work just fine for British ales.

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    • Drew Mc.Allister

      Thanks for this nice post you’ve made!

    • Justin Arthur

      Do you know where I can buy First Gold rhizomes? I hope to hear back from you. Thanks for putting this out!!

    • Justin Arthur

      Im also looking to purchase Pioneer or Herald rhizomes. Please help!!!!!!!!

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