Not to be confused with the original Kent Golding hops originated in England… the US variety is grown in Oregon and Washington state and it’s also known as Canterbury Golding…

This hop variety is possibly one of the most popular hops used in micro-breweries in the US…

It is known for its mild, and extremely pleasant with a delicate kick of English-like qualities… after all these are clones from the English variety, which started growing in the US around 1993…

Golding US Hops Alpha Acid %

4 – 5 %

Golding US Hops Beta Acid %

2 – 3 %

Golding US Hops Oil Content

0.5 – 1.0 mls/100 grams

Golding US Hops Cohumulone

20 – 25 %

The low alpha acid % makes this variety a good aroma hop… The bittering qualities are not harsh like other high alpha acid hops… Some of the most common beer styles that include Golding (US) hops in their recipes are English style beers, especially bitters and pale ales. Belgian style ales and barley wines also use this hop variety quite frequently…

Rarely will you visit a home brew supply store that doesn’t carry this variety, but should you want or need to substitute, you can try East Kent Golding (UK), Progress (UK), and Fuggle Hops…

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