(Ditch the Airlock!)

Every submariner goes through firefighter training… and because fires are possibly our biggest threats when out to sea, we had fire drills pretty much every week… so when the real fire came we’d be prepared and not freak out…

Well, I just brewed an IPA on Wednesday… had this been one of my first brews I’d be freaking out right about now…

Brewing Without An AirlockSee after 18 hours of pitching my yeast, the krausen rised up so high and up through the airlock that I had to literally take the airlock out to avoid clogging and having the carboy pressurize (not a good thing)…

The airlock is really just meant to keep stuff like airborne bacteria from going into the brew, but with this much foam nothing is going in… at least not while inside my fridge…

So I am just going to let the foam finish building and either setting up the airlock again or a blow off hose once the foam is in decline…

… anyways…

Let me tell you about this recipe…

11.75 lbs Pale Malt (US)
.15 lbs Victory
.4 lbs Caramel Munich (60 L)

.75 oz Amarillo (30 min)
.75 oz Cascade (30 min)
.75 oz Chinook (30 min)
.25 oz Amarillo (15 min)
.25 oz Cascade (15 min)
.25 oz Chinook (15 min)

Wyeast 1056 (2 Liter Starter)

RO Water
.5 tsp Calcium Chloride
.5 tsp Gypsum

I wanted a very clean malt backbone. The victory and Caramel Munich should give it just a hint of toastyness and caramel, but not overtake it…

I chose to add all my hops at 30 minutes and 15 minutes…. you’d be surprised at how smooth your bitterness comes out when you increase the amount of hops and boil shorter times… the flavor also shines with a hop schedule like this… hint: you should try it!

The clean malt, clean yeast and mid fermentation temperatures is what makes this happen…

All I can say is that with all the foam coming out of my carboy… cleaning has never smelled so good 🙂


    4 replies to "How To Brew An IPA"

    • tom beachnau

      can i purchase this in a kit ? ??? to purchase

      • Jorge

        I’m sure your local home brew supply store can put it together for you if you take them the recipe.

    • Steve T.

      I’m a newbie to brewing, have a LME brew in a secondary ready to bottle and one in the primary. …It would rock to be brewing like you guys, and I appreciate the videos and information. Cheers!

      • jorgitoz

        Thanks! Learning curve is not that bad… you’ll be up to speed in no time!!


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