This beer is a recipe from Randy Mosher’s Radical Brewing book, found on page 149…

I did not intend to change the recipe, but my home brew supply was out of Northdown hops so I used Northern Brewer hops instead…

Here’s the recipe…

8.5 lbs Mild Ale Malt
3 lbs Amber Malt
.5 lbs Brown Ale Malt
1 lb Rolled Oats
1 lb Dark Brown Sugar

.75 oz Northern Brewer Hops (90 min)
.5 oz Northdown Hops (20 Min) – I used Northern Brewer instead

RO Water
1 gram Gypsum
1.5 gram Chloride
2 grams Chalk

To Brew this beer you have to first bake the oatmeal at 300 F. The time is not specified, but I baked for about 20 minutes at which point the oatmeal started smelling some what like cookies. If you notice in the video, the middle started to brown and I believe that’s about the time when you want to pull out the oatmeal from the oven otherwise you’ll overdo the baking and get a different flavor.

Since the oatmeal will be hot you should take that into account to add your strike water at the right temperature… in this case I mashed in at 157 F and mashed for 45 minutes. Then I raised the temperature to 170 F.

The beer is currently fermenting at 68 F…

My Comments
You can add a dash of vanilla and cinnamon as well as hazelnut, pecan or toasted coconut… I however wanted to taste the ‘base’ beer first before adding any more ingredients… that way I know what to add (if anything) and how much…

I will be leaving this beer in the fermentor for 2 weeks and conditioning in the bottles…

Stay tuned for the results…

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    • Paul Cabral

      This recipe looks very promising any thought on adding raisins to the boil?

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