The right amount of minerals in your brewing water will help your yeast ferment beer…

… but more is not always better…

Too much and you can ruin your fermentation before it even starts…

0.1 to 0.2 ppm of zinc in your water nourishes your enzymes and yeast… push 1 ppm of Zinc and it becomes TOXIC to yeast!

Just like minerals affect our brewing, they affect our health…

This is a serious topic, and I want to share more about this because I Quit Drinking Beer… and that was a big mistake!

Clearly… ha…

All joking aside, if you go back to my brewing videos when I started Brew Beer And Drink It, I was in decent shape, but over the years, I started to gain weight…

I figured the label ‘Never Trust a Skinny Brewer’, wouldn’t work against me anymore…

… but getting fat wasn’t the biggest of my concerns…

What I was really concerned with was my health… it wasn’t fat I was accumulating, it was mucin…

I was too tired after brew days… my skin was dry… and worse, I couldn’t eat most bar food or drink beer without gassing up…

That’s one of the reasons why most of my beers as of late, I’ve somewhat focused on the nutrients side of it…

It’s one of the reasons why I got into aging hops…

All these things affect us whether we want to or not…

Since I wasn’t sure how it did and to what extent, I Quit Drinking Beer for a good part of 2012… sure, I’d have one or two to do a beer review, but it would be once every other week… sometimes once a month…

Yet, I was still gaining weight…

Through lots of research I finally concluded (and proved) that beer was not at fault…

Once I understood minerals, pH, fermentation and how they apply to our health, I not only brought beer back into my diet, it has permanently become part of my diet, and have lost over 20 pounds (10 Kg)…

Forget the weight… I’ve busted the entire beer belly myth… and have become a BETTER Brewer from all of this!

All by understanding minerals, pH, bacteria, fermentation and many things as they apply to our health and that you need to know if you want to become a better brewer…

As I get ready to bring my home brewery back into full gear, I want to know how interested (if at all) you would be in this topic?…

I really invite you to please give me feedback by leaving a comment below because it may set the tone for the upcoming newsletters for both Summer 2013 and Fall 2013…

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    • Jim

      First…glad you got your health issues under control…thyroid problems can be tough!

      My 2 cents – It’s very interesting information but not the kind of video information I’d view regularly.

      Take care.

      • Jorge

        @Jim – thanks for the feedback… I respect that, which is why I asked, though keep in mind that all this information can be useful to understanding more about brewing…

        I’ll keep in mind though to not bother anyone not interested… Cheers!

    • Gerard

      Please do continue your discussion, and I thank you for sharing your experience.

      • Jorge

        @Gerard – You are welcome, and Thanks for the feedback… Cheers!

    • Gary L

      I would be interested in learning more about this aspect of brewing beer. I recognized the benefits of using alkalized water in my coffee and just in general everyday use about 4 months ago.

      Definitely, send me anything you are creating on this subject.

      Glad you figured out the problem and were able to incorporate beer back into your diet. 🙂

      • Jorge

        Awesome! I did research alkalized water as well… Thanks for the feedback…


    • J.STRAIN


      I suggest tying in literature citations of studies that lend to your point which seems valid.

      in winter garden fl.

      • Jorge

        @J.Strain Awesome! I’ll definitely be posting resources, though a lot of it flies in the face of traditional knowledge, but results speak louder than theories…

    • Robert Hall

      Yeah, I’d be interested to know more about what you’re doing. I’ve been brewing for a year now, whole grain. I tend to like porters and belgium beers and yes, I’m putting on the weight. KInd of more of a sedentary lifestyle. Thanks. Robb

      • Jorge

        @Robert – Diet alone goes a long way, though exercise can be a simple 30 minute walk… or if you move stuff around on a brew day, that’s good exercise, lol…

    • Bret

      Yes!! Please continue. I am always being told by family and my significant other that for health reasons I need to ease back the beer intake so I don’t end up looking like the “trustworthy brewer”. This information is pertinent to anyone moving forward with brewing and should definitely be shared. I back your new videos 100% if you choose to move forward in that direction. Cheers!

      • Jorge

        @Bret – That labeled really taunted me… “Never Trust a Skinny Brewer”… lol… so far it sounds like I need to post more info, and your significant other will definitely benefit from it…

    • Patrick

      All health related information is important and what you described on this video was fascinating and informative. Please keep providing this!

      • Jorge

        @Patrick – YES! I’m personally fascinated by it!! staying up late reading up and researching… thanks for the feedback!


    • Dermott Howard

      I would like to see more on this subject. I had quit drinking beer June of last year, although I still brew. I have had a lot of serious health issues since I quit, I.E. a lot of colds(last cold I had was 1982) flue (never had it before) and weight gain. I used to drink an average of one to two beers a day, and always tired at the end of the day. So if you do continue I would like to be informed.

      • Jorge

        @Dermott Thanks for the feedback…

    • Stan Heifner

      Healthy beer ideas would be great. Loook forward to any information on brewing a better beer.
      If you have to start a new utube site please let me know.

      • Jorge

        @Stan – so far most people are interested in this information so I may just incorporate it into my brewing videos… most of the knowledge can be applied to brewing anyways… Cheers!

    • mark

      sounds interesting . Perhaps the usual ust tossing in 1 teaspoon per gallon of yeast nutrient is not the right way to go .

      • Jorge

        @Mark – well I’m actually trying to get a message across about becoming aware of what we put into our body… we can understand a lot about brewing beer by comparing it to what happens to us if we were to ferment inside… Cheers!

    • David

      I’m really pleased that you have your health back, it must have been a worrying time for you. I’m glad you are drinking again.
      I for one would love you to expand your discussion, please continue with this interesting topic. Take care of yourself.

      • Jorge

        @David – Thanks! Will definitely share more info… Cheers!

    • Rich

      Our body with many types of cells and how the enviorment affects them is hard to get a hold of. But building a better under standing by looking a a single cell type, yeast would br very interesting.

      • Jorge

        @Rich yes, this experience has been extremely eye opening…

    • Alan Colton

      Enjoyed your video and I do agree with you that beer does not make you gain weight. I am British and although I do not live in Britain I decided to join their “Dry January” campaign this year and I stopped drinking for the whole month. Did not lose any weight!

      I do have a serious acid reflux problem and whenever I drink beer I always experience heartburn and so I try to keep the PH of my beers to around 5.8 to 6.0 to reduce the acidity. This does not seem to affect the taste of my beers but does not really cure my problem.

      I cured the acid reflux problem when I started the Dr Hay, food combining, diet a few months ago. That diet says that you should only drink beer with or after a starch meal. Do not drink beer with or after eating a protein meal. If you have to drink with or after a protein meal it has to be wine or liquor not beer.

      It works for me, and the diet works too – already lost 16 lbs.and feeling good.

      I’ve enjoyed your emails and look forward to your new approach to brewing. BTW my favourite beers are Porter, Brown ale, Stout and Pale ale.

      Keep up the good work.

      • Jorge

        @Alan – awesome! congrats… I love hearing stuff like this because it helps me ask questions and research… I’ll try to figure out why beer with starch and wine with protein… I think I’ve read a few things…

    • dave johnson

      I live in Washington state and make apple cider vinegar every year from my hard cider. As you may know, apple cider vinegar is alkaline forming in your body. I eat lots of raw greens, which make your body alkaline also. These, combined with drinking at least a gallon per day of my well water gives me a PH of over 7 all the time, in spite of making and drinking ciders and ales. Also Stouts and Porters are less acid forming than Pale Ales (more minerals).
      I also like to make another fermented alkaline treat: coconut milk Keefer, which, like the others is a great source of probiotic enzymes. These are things that make it possible for me to drink beer and still be alive and healthy at 70. One way to stay Alkaline easily is to eat very little (<15% by weight) from animal based sources, if you can do it, it will really give your energy level a boast .
      I also make kin chi, great stuff and again fermented alkaline forming probiotic suppling food. We who drink need to make up for all the acid we are creating for our bodies to deal with. I also use only organic grains and hops.

      • Jorge

        @Dave These are all great tips and definitely stuff I’m trying out… hadn’t had a chance to make keefir, but definitely on my list…

        I used to live west of the sound in Washington… well water out there is way better than out here…


    • Robert Olsen

      Hi Jorge,
      I very much enjoyed your video series & learned a great deal from it. This new information a is really interesting and I would definitely like to hear more about it as you work it through. I too have altered my diet significantly this year to control hereditary cholesterol & high blood pressure. I felt my beer brewing beer (and dinking it) might be slowing my progress. Any information on a more healthful approach to brewing has me on the edge of my seat.

      Bob Olsen

    • Alan Colton

      @ Dave Johnson – Check out the Dr Hay diet – It recommends you start the day with a glass of water with the juice of a lemon or lime squeezed in it and you eat one alkaline, one protein and one starch meal a day. Although the juice is acidic it forms alkaline ash in the stomach.

      BTW how do you check your body alkalinity?

      @ Jorge – sorry to hijack this thread.

      • Jorge

        @Alan no problem, ask away… also keep in mind that lemon has ionic minerals and electrolytes which help your body cells conduct electricity…

    • dave johnson

      re: checking pH
      pH tape first thing in the morning, the very first, on urine, I use the ph meter that I use for brewing, it works great, but you can buy litmus type paper. Also, you can check your mouth saliva, mine runs a little higher than the urine. Keep your urine as clear as possible or you are dehydrating yourself. Also, beer or many other drink that have water in them do NOT count as hydrating: beer dehydrates you: instead of carrying around a beer at all times we would do better to alway carry water instead and the lemon is icing on the cake, also some Drs. recommand H2O2 I use 3 drops in a quart, but I buy food grade which is much more potent. We beer drinkers can live long healthy lives, just not when we don’t compensate for the obvious acidity we are causing ourselves. I dont feel we are hijacking Jorge’s blog, I think this what he is after. One good book on the subject is “The pH Miracle” by Raymond Francis. Stay Alkaline, use your knowledge of fermentation. fermented foods seem to be one of the secrets to good health. Remember Alcohol kills the good bacteria in your system.

      • Jorge

        @Dave Yes please comment and share… these are all great tips… I think we are losing traditions for the sake of making things faster, easier, etc., but hurting ourselves… Fermented foods are indeed good, and I’m surprised it took me this long to even see many correlations between malting, brewing and health… guess we don’t know what we don’t know…

    • dave johnson

      @ jorge:
      I live in the San Juan islands, on Fidalgo Island, where the water is great runs around pH 6, and has enough minerals to make great tasting ales and, in the winter, lagers. I have I high grav bock beer l.085 starting grav. it is in hmm I am not sure of the term, but it is the 4 time I racked it, this tiime into 5 gal SS and pressurized with 20 psi and will be kept at 33 degrees for the next 2 months or so. Vamos haber. I use only organic grains after reading The China Study. Read it and you will see why too. I grew some barley this year but have yet to toast it myself; that is my next step making some partially modified grains to play with and making my own choc. and black patent malts. I have never lived in your part of the country, but, I lived in the Mojave Desert and brewed there, great water, but not many minerals ran around pH 7. I remember having a hard time with temperatures there, where as here the basement is 60-65 degrees year round. It is a brewers dream weather wise.

      • Jorge

        @Dave I’ve been setting my eyes on malting my own… it’s probably too hot now, but maybe this fall I’ll be taking a shot at malting my own…

    • richard kinzer

      very happy to hear that you’re doing better. Please, continue to educate us all on this topic. I very much enjoy this more scientific/biochemical area of study.

      • Jorge

        @Richard Thanks for the feedback

    • Michael

      Jorge – Love to brew beer and drink fresh home brew equally. I’m very interested in this topic and appreciate your input.

      I am 50 now and I have learned, as demonstrated in your chart, that alkaline and acidity (stomach acids in particular) are not as prevalent as before when you are young. It was recommended to me by a medical practitioner to do a simple “cleanse”, part of which starts with drinking a glass of water followed by a glass of water with the juice of half a lemon added. I dd this every morning during my 2 week cleanse. I’ve read it helps raise the acidity level in my stomach so it and other organs (kidney, liver) don’t have to work so hard to digest food and process the nutrients from that food. Also food combinations are key. I look forward to hearing more from your experience, especially as it relates to brewing beer.

      Yours in beer,



    • Gabriel Netto


      Thanks for the excellent video,withh helpful information. I’m a follower of your tips down here in Brazil, since I am also a beer lover.

    • Tom

      Sounds interesting and I would like to know more. I have some health issuses and now am wondering if I should be making some changes along ph.

    • Stephen

      Hi Jorge,

      I would absolutely like to hear more information on this topic!


    • Andy

      I am very interested in your direction on the PH of beer, especially the health aspect. I am on well water which I filter but the natural PH is low to begin with. I am interested in way to boost PH without affecting beer taste.

      Thank you for posting this enlightening view on brewing.

    • Tom

      Definitely interested, and very interesting work

    • don watson

      good job! and right on the money..all the best..Don

      • jorgitoz


    • Earl Wayne


      Very interesting subject, I have had similar thoughts that beer was part of my weight gain problem.

      For me it is mostly too much intake of bee,r food and wine and too little exercise I though.

      It will be interesting to follow you on your quest, who knows what you might discover.

      To your continued good health!

      Best Regards, Earl

      • jorgitoz

        It is… I’ve gone from 202 lbs to 160 lbs, 10x more energy and overall healthier… I will be posting more information on this topic, hopefully soon… Cheers!

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