How about a nice dose of simcoe hops to bitter up your American Ales… although used mostly for bittering, a growing number of brewers are using this variety for its aromatic characteristics…

Even though the Alpha Acids are somewhat high for aroma hops, it is commonly used to dry hop to release a very unique, pine-like aroma…

This variety was released in 2000 and it’s bred by Yakima Chief Ranches…

Simcoe Hops Alpha Acid %

12 – 14 %

Simcoe Hops Beta Acid %

4 – 5 %

Simcoe Hops Oil Content

2 – 2.5 mls/100 grams

Simcoe Hops Cohumulone

15 – 20 %

Some of the most common beer styles where you will see this hop variety used is with American Ales, especially those high in aroma hops, like Pales and IPAs… I classify this hop variety more of a bittering hop, but it does serve pretty well as an aroma hop…

Some possible substitutions if you can’t find Simcoe hops would be Magnum hops or summit hops.

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